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Low link performance with Quest 2 using gtx 980 4gb, i7-8700k

Level 2

I purchased a few games through steamvr using the link and while some games run flawlessly, others are unplayable. Both Grip and Boneworks results in constant stutters and 15-20 fps on average. I'm using an msi gtx 980 twin frozr card with an intel i7-8700k at 4.6 ghz. For example, while running Boneworks during the Streets level, looking up at the buildings results in massive fps drops. Open areas are stutter-city. The game stays at 15-20 fps even when using all the lowest graphics settings. I have the refresh rate set at 72hz and the Render Resolution set at 1.0x if it matters. 

I'm wondering if my gtx 980 is a bottleneck or if something is wrong with my link connection? 


Level 11

Gtx 980 is just so underpowered for vr.  I have a 2080 super and if I play something like squadrons I can stutter.

Glad to hear as a sanity check. Will start researching cards. Thank you!