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Low max volume

Level 2
The max volume on the Quest is to low. Even on 100% it can be a bit hard to listen to movies. I know that some movies have low volume. But also in most games the volume is just a bit to low at 100%. Using a headset helps a bit, but I still have to set it to 100% for watching movies.

I asked people on the Oculus Quest Community at Facebook als more people have the same issue. So it would be nice if Oculus would increase the max volume. Or maybe add an setting to make it possible to overrule the max?


Level 7
I personally find mine gets too loud & I never have it on max. Maybe yours has a fault? Are you using headphones/earbuds or just the Quest’s own speakers ?

Level 2
mine is same way... low volumn.

Level 4
i personally thought first its very low on volume but it seems to depend on the source.. most apps and vids are on a very low noise level but if you for example watch the preview video of end space in the store its really very loud... maybe a problem with gain settings for apps , vids., store if there are different ones in the firmware ? 

Level 2
Yeah I don't get it. To get the quest 2 to give me a mid range volume I have to crank it to max volume.

Level 4
Is there a some sideloaded app that gain volume a little bit?