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Making the purchase

Level 2

I was just wondering if I purchase an Oculus Quest 2 and the oculus link cable will my quest 2 run just as well as an oculus rift, if not how large is the difference


In my experience the Quest display using Link isn't absolutely as sharp as the Rift on the same PC (GTX2080 GPU), but the increased resolution makes up for it. I use Airlink so play wirelessly and that gives the Quest a clear advantage but when playing wired, I'd say it's close overall.

thank you for this info its all ive been needing to decided if i should make the purchase

Level 4

The resolution is higher in general which means more power is needed to push more pixels but you can always offset that by reducing the super sampling. Don't forget that you'll be encoding/decoding the image (with quality loss) while I believe the Rift uses a raw video feed straight from the GPU.