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Meta avatars + Oculus interaction hands

Level 2

Trying to solve the issue with my avatar where avatar hands are not snaping the same as hand mesh.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It seems like you're having an issue with the hand tracking. We know this can seem a bit alarming, but we can definitely help you out! 


We like to start off with some basic troubleshooting to begin with. There are a few questions we'd like to ask to gain better insight on the exact issue that could be causing the mesh to be transparent. 



Answer the questions below: 


  • Is this the first time the issue has occurred? 
  • Is this the only game affected? 
  • What troubleshooting steps have you tried? 
  • Do you experience similar issues while playing in other locations?



Once we gather this information, we can start taking a deeper dive and provide some troubleshooting steps to try out. We hope to hear from you soon!