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Mic glitches while in party

Level 2

Hello there, 

I wanted to ask if someone experiences (or does not experience it anymore) the same issue as I do. Whenever I hop in a party with 1-3 friends, in the beginning, it always seems to be working just fine, however once every 2-5 minutes my party crashes unexpectedly and I just cannot hear anyone else in the party anymore for like 15 seconds and then suddenly it reconnects to the party automatically and I hear them again and get the notification that says: “Your microphone is on. People in your party can hear you” or something like that. Then I ask if they heard what I had just said and they’re always like: “no we couldn’t hear you what were you talking about?”. It’s very annoying to have this happen so often and to keep having to repeat myself as my friends cant hear what I’m saying. Today it happened again and I asked the friend I was in a party with if this issue only happens with me or if he experiences it with other people as well. He said that only my mic goes off sometimes and that he doesn’t have the same issue with his own headset. I’d like to ask if anyone knows what I can possibly do to stop this problem from occurring. Restarting my Quest doesn’t work. Also it happens in any application as well as in the home menu. My internet is fine so that could unlikely be the cause. If anyone has a tip I’d appreciate it very much :)). 

okay you’re done reading now that’s it bye