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Mic stopped working in mobile VRchat (not PC) but still works in other apps.

Level 2

On my Oculus Quest 1 using it stand alone mobile (not connected to PC and no Quest link) the mic was working properly in VRChat for 2 weeks and now during a game, after teleporting through a portal to "the airport" the mic stopped working, nobody can hear me and the mic icon does not change colour. It still works in other games like "Gorilla tag" so it does not sound like a hardware problem to me. Before I get 1,000 comments stating the obvious I have tried the following........ The mic is enabled in the Oculus setup(and as I said it works in other games), It is not muted in VRChat and I tried toggling the mic always on setting, everything is enabled in the VRChat setup, the safety/privacy settings are all set to allow everything, the mic volume slider is at max in VRChat setup but there is no indication that the mic is active because I can't see the green sound bar below the volume slider when I speak. I have deleted and reinstalled VRChat, no change. I have factory reset the Quest 1 and reinstalled VRChat and still not working. Any more serious suggestions? It is very frustrating and disappointing because I bought the Quest specifically for my daughter to use VRChat which is useless without being able to actually "chat". Hopefully someone out there has discovered something that I have missed. 


Level 2

I am having the same issue on my oculus quest. I have 2 oculus quest 2's and one oculus quest. I created a new account for my son on the quest1, and we never had any issues before, no issues on the quest 2's. All of the sudden, a few days ago, his mic doesnt seem to work on the quest 1, and this is only in VRChat. He can go to any other game and talk, but VRChat doesnt seem to read his mic. We deleted VRChat and rebooted, checked all the settings and permissions, and everything seems to be fine. factory reset was done to set up his new account, but no one can hear him and the sound bar in the settings doesnt react to any sound. I figure it must be a VRChat issue, but I have no idea what else to try.