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Missing my Quest already

Level 9
While I was visiting family for Thanksgiving my dad and his wife spoke to me about getting my brother a Quest 2. They were on the fence however since that is kind of expensive. Around $300 for the system it's self plus at least one or two games? That's a hefty chunk of change. Especially during this pandemic. But I'd had a thought, and they thought it a good idea. I have a Vive Cosmos Elite which I wasn't using much due to preferring the Oculus Touch controllers to the Vive Wand controllers. And I was already seriously thinking of getting a Quest 2 next year. It'd be a small upgrade, but still an upgrade. So I ended up doing a Factory Reset of my Quest, storing it away in the original box the system came in (which I use as a travel case), and wrapped that up as a Christmas present for my brother.

Doing this has meant I had to buy Beat Saber a second time to continue working out, but meh. It's only been three days, and already I'm really missing the Quest. Okay, sure it's more front heavy then the Cosmos, but it balanced nicely once properly adjusted and with the padded pleather face plate I replaced the stock one with it was very comfortable for extended use. Not to mention the Touch controllers are lighter and more comfortable to use then Vive Wands. Then there's the fact that my Cosmos's halo strap gives me a bit of a headache after a while. If it's not giving me a headache, then it's too loose and shifts around when playing Beat Saber or anything else that's physically active. Not to mention the cord keeps tripping me up. Sometimes literally.

I guess what I'm saying is... With the rash of people vowing to never get another Oculus product again over the "facebook login required" change, I am one who does want to get a Quest 2. And not just because I'm losing access to all the software I bought for the Quest. I just find I prefer it to the Cosmos, even with outside in tracking being superior. Or at least people claim it is. I personally don't see much, if any, difference between tracking with Steam Base Stations and Oculus's Inside Out tracking. And upgrading to better controllers for use with my Cosmos is gonna cost me about $700 all told.
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