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Mobile app Invite Links tab not appearing

Level 2

For at least two months, I've known about a feature that was at first called Group Launch, then Multiplayer Invites, then Invite Links. I have never been able to make these links and have updated my app past what should be required to get this feature (v127). 


I have a Pixel 5. 


What I have tried: 

Restarting my Quest 2 many times over the course of my troubleshooting

Turning Developer Mode off and on

Selecting "Sideload update" in what appears to be the Quest bootloader

Clearing my phone's storage and cache

Reinstalling the Oculus App after clearing it's storage and cache

Clearing Bluetooth data

Waiting the aforementioned at least two months

Restarting my phone after clearing the Oculus App's storage and cache and reinstalling


I don't understand, I should have this by now, why hasn't the official support line been any help?