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Modern updates run terribly

Level 7

So, I already knew that post v23 broke link, but even without link the tracking of my controllers is so insanely bad that using my headset (Quest 2) is an unenjoyable experience. Even native quest is just a joke because my controller constantly appears 10 feet away from me. 

Enough complaining. My question is this...can I find a v23. Install then turn off my auto update? I’m willing to 100% sacrifice native quest games (of which I probably have $100+ sunk into) as well as all additional features. Im down to purely use my headset as PCVR. (Can’t buy a rift, graphics card has no DP)

I just miss being able to play fallout VR the way I could on V23 so much...I have so much nothing going on in my life (COVID ended my job) and I was having such a release playing fallout VR.  now I can’t because of an update ruining it (audio and visual glitches). It’s just so crazy to me that it previously worked, yet I can’t get back to that!? I don’t need it to get better, I just want the version from two months ago when I could play fallout VR and skyrim VR. 

if anybody has any input, I’m willing to do some work around where I render my headset otherwise useless. I just want to play fallout VR the way I did two months ago. Nothing more. That’s way more important to me than any of the new updates.