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Monthly Pay

Level 2

I am really interested to buy the oculus Quest 2 and I am only earning £40.00 a month and I do not feel like saving up for a year to get the headset, Is there any way I can but this headset  and pay monthly instead of paying all in one go


Level 10

Sorry, but other then using a credit card and paying that off over several months... No? Mind you, unless you buy from a Brick & Mortar store you're still gonna need to use a pre-paid visa, debit card, or credit card to buy one.

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Level 3

Not sure if they have this in the UK but in the USA, Walmart accepts Affirm for payment and they let you pay for a Quest 2 at 30$ a month for 12 months. It's credit based though so I'm not sure what their lower limit is on credit score.