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Most recent update broke tracking

Level 2

Why am I so certain it's the update that broke tracking? Because I might as well have physically watched it happen.


Tracking was fine. I started the update, watched the bar go, restarted my headset. Tracking was broken. Constantly received tracking lost messages, unable to even click on continue without tracking because they kept flashing on the screen. Eventually, after multiple restarts, I was able to break through once, but everything was wobbly as if tracking was only partially working. I haven't been able to get it to work since, and now the tracking lost is consistent, it isn't flashing anymore, I'm only able to launch the headset without tracking.


Is there any way to revert to before the update? I've already tried a factory reset, cleaning the cameras, and all that typical jazz.


My quest2 warned me of low light at one point. That is when I noticed yhe sun had set, so I turned the light on. Then it played normally. The next day, the same thing happened but once i turned the lights on my quest2 told me it had lost tracking. Had to turn on and off numerous times before coming back. Now I keep lights on even during day light but i still have tracking issues every single time.

Level 2

Same here: I was foced to update to v28 otherwise no apps would run. Now massive tracking loss; sudden audio loss (only to be recovered by restarting oculus services), apps crashing suddenly mid game.


I noticed my headset now suddenly connects itselve in a USB 2.1 HUB while it always was USB3 (and if you plug in a USB3 stick it is working fine as USB3).


Why am I forced to update when this ruins a setup which was running perfectly.. geez oculus, you must do better.

Level 2

So 20 or so minutes after playing mine loses tracking to controllers and cant find guardian also disables hand tracking. I have to power off by holding power button down and upon reset hold the - volume for boot menu and select power off.. Wait lil bit and works again.....for 20 or so min.... Figured out that if u have a box fan and play with the fan right up against it it works fine but u cant play because there's a box fan in ur face.. Kinda hard to shoot.. Started experiencing this couple weeks ago.. Maybe the updates are running it to hot but no error messages because the cooling fan is working and not getting hot enough to cause that error message but just mess with tracking.. Try a fan and see if it works for u.. If so then we need a fix asap. Pavlov shak just got released in app lab and wanna play for more than 20 min at a time or have a fan in my face

Level 2

I was lead to believe that V28 would correct the tracking (or non-tracking as the case may be) problem.  I have downloaded and installed V28, it did not.  If I continuously click all the buttons on the controller, eventually one will press the continue button and after a bit tracking returns.

Level 2

Since updating to V28 my tracking issue seems to be resolved! It was getting so frustrating button bashing everytime I turned it on. 

Level 2

My Quest 2 lost tracking today when I powered it up. It was at v26 at the time. Couldn't set floor level and it feels like vertical tracking is messed up. 


Was able to update to v28, but problem persists. Three factory resets, no luck. Opened support ticket. Little hope for quick fix. 


I have a second Quest 2 which is fine.

Level 2

While reading that post part of me is really happy that it is not a hardware issue.

The other part is failing to understand why can't i find the option to revert to an older version.

Level 3

Same thing here.  Ever since the v28 update, tracking is "lost" every time the device starts now.

Level 3

Same issue for me on v29 trying to mess with the hz see if that helps. 

Not good Facebook not good !

Level 3

Same issue with me and Drop Dead multiplayer mode.

when the game gets a little intense my tracking drops and returned to the lobby,

how frustrating. I’ve tried everything from changing batteries / changing lighting conditions to even swapping out controllers with a friend’s.

I’ve got infra red lights coming as most problems occur at night.

will see what happens.