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Hello, I am planning to buy 2 Oculus Quest 2 for my wife and I. We want to visit museums together, at the same time and in the same VR session, is that possible.


Level 2

I have the same question and I’m noticing conflicting information on Oculus help site. It says that multi user on one headset is available and we can both have our own profiles and share apps on the ONE headset. However as soon as my wife buys her own headset we LOSE the ability to share apps anymore! How is this fair? We pay extra money to be able to play against each other yet can’t share apps all because we now bought an extra headset? 

can someone please clarify this? 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, @rdionne67 that's a great question! If you are planning to buy 2 separate devices, you two can create your own accounts on your own headsets. Then you will be able to share experiences in VR together after downloading or purchasing the same app on both accounts.


If you wanted to create an admin account and then add another account under that one, you would have to turn on app sharing; however, if this is what are you wanting to do you will not be able to run the same apps at the same time.


We hope this helps answer your question! 😊