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Multiplayer & Co-Ops on Quest

Level 2
So I don't understand why Quest has zero multiplayer adventure/story mode games that can be co-op?

Considering the platform is supposed to be about a 'social' capability trying to find something a family or partners wan't to play together I'm at a loss?

My girlfriend and I tried ArizonaS at a studio 18 months ago. We loved it and both admitted we would probably play any game in VR like that for days just for the adventure and experience of the new worlds together. So ofcourse we each have a Quest now.

Beat Saber might be good for the kids that need the sensory overload but its actually kinda crap for anyone over 25. Why wasn't Moss a co-op capable game?

Crossing My fingers for Arizona on quest quickly and yeah waiting for 'after the fall' might do the trick lets hope the quests don't pack away in to boxes by then.

Anyone else in this camp?