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Multiple Devices on a single account?

Can I know if we're allowed to have a same Facebook/Oculus account on multiples devices at different locations /wifi? I understand multiplayer isn't allowed if we're all logged in at the same time, but my plan is just to play the same game at the same time amongst my family (so we don't need to purchase the same game over and over again) 


Ps: It'll be at different wifi and location since my family and I are in different cities.


Level 4

While I’m pretty sure you can have multiple devices linked to the same fb/oculus account, I’m not positive if both devices can be active at the same time even if playing different games. Hope that makes sense. 

my understanding is that you can't be logged into the same account even playing two different games on different headsets. I've had to "gift" the games to my kids so we could play together, and they have their own fb account. I think the library sharing is so that a different person could use the headset and keep their scores etc separate,  but NOT at the same time that the primary user is in the account, even on a different headset.