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Multiple issue with quest 2 controllers and wifi

Level 2
This is bizzare, i owned a quest1 for 11 months and 30 days, the lat day of warranty both controllers suddenly stop being recognised, after replacing batteries resetting headset etcetc the left worked again but the right did not, right until a week later when they sent a label to return it, then it worked again.

i have had a quest 2 since the 14th, and only had time to use it maybe 11 times, but  today .............the exact same thing happened with the 2,  i have opened a ticket, again again the left controller appears to be working correctly, the right just hovers in screen and the light on the controller never goes off, i have had to take the battery out as i type this.
anyone else having issues like this? 

also  i can be within 5 ft of my router and the wifi drops, it does not matter which bandi use 2.4 or my normal 5. any advice? because as of now i feel like i purchase a dud.