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Multiple problems i encountered

Level 4
1. I'm using Oculus Link and if i come close to the guardian wall in any game and do some squats i can see that guardian zone is bouncing on the game's floor. It is problem of latency i think, that's pretty obvious. I checked the same thing on my CV1 and nothing like this happens. Zone stays welded to the game's floor. On the quest it looks horrible and a bit nauseating. What to do? Is everyone having the same experience?

2. I want to have the biggest FOV i can get so i try to get my eyes as close to the lenses as i can since most of the screen is hidden if your eyes are far. But at the same time i have to tighten straps because face cover doesn't let me do it. But if i tighten straps it feels like i've got a brick pressing on my skull and after 20 minutes of any game i feel like i'm about to vomit. What do i do with that?

3. Any way to make it less heavy? Maybe take off part of fron plastic or something. Quest is too front heavy even for me. I don't know how kids play it. You can literally get osteochondrosis playing in it.

Level 4
4. Also why does it say that quest's resolution is 1440 × 1600 per eye but at the same time software natively only supports 1280x1280 with awful foveated rendering? I know it has cheap snapdragon inside but Isn't this scam?!

5. USB type C on HMD is way too easy to break. How are you going to fix this with Oculus link cable? it breaks too often to people who don't even use Link but just charge quest.