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Must I be in the headset to buy games that run off the headset?

Level 2

I cant find this information anywhere. DO i have to be in the headset to buy games that run natively on the headset? Resident Evil 4 doesnt show up in the desktop app, but it does show up in the headset store. Is that the only way to find native games? I dont like casting from my computer unless i have to. 


You can buy them in the phone app, or on the Quest store website, 

Level 2

Is there a way to filter out what will only play natively?

As far as I'm aware the phone app will only show games that run on the type of device you have selected, while Rift and Quest have separate web stores. Each game page also shows its platform. If you are concerned about only seeing Quest games, though, buying in the headset should be safe.