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My Pc does not meet Minimum requirements for VR

Hi Guys 

I have been getting a message that my PC does not meet min requirements to run VR every time I go to use the head set and also when I log in to Oculas App on PC. I have a I5 9400f Processor 16GB Memory and a New Geforce 3060 RTX with 12GB Vram Graphic Card, so more than enough to run VR. Been in touch with Oculas support and got the normal response un-install and install and guess what still no fix after 2 weeks of trying different stuff. Eventually I worked out that the Graphic card is so new it's not support it yet so their app and soft wear does not recognise the card fully and I had this confirmed by Oculas Teck bods today with a message that I will just have to wait and tough luck for me (They did put it nicer than that). Even though all the drivers are up to date on the card it still gives out the error message.


So this might explain when I get no sound, black screen, really bad graphics or kicked back to Oculas 2 head set when trying to connect to the PC via the head set and cable to PC. So for me the Virtual Desk Top is far better but the battery on head set will use more power but I don't have the issues I have with the cable. It does not mean I don't get the error message still as I do, but that's a minor thing to live with. I get the impression this something that Oculas has not really looked in to to much and popped out an app for the OQ and OQ2 and rushed it thru to get more sales.  So hopefully anyone else that gets this error message even though you know your PC meets the Min Requirements you don't fall in to the trap of installing and reinstalling the App for no reason what so ever and wasting hours of time doing it. Hope this helps someone out there. 


Level 3

Having a similar issue here. I just got a 3060 and I have a similar issue. Glad that I'm not the only one with this problem. I was thinking that they had not added the 3060 to the approved list, so it's nice to hear some confirmation on that front.