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My Quest 2 battery drain with official oculua link

Level 2

I am facing a very very strange issue

First, my Quest 2 works very well.  I connect it to my pc via official oculus link.  My usb type c port provides enough power for my quest during long time gaming. 

After gaming,  If i unplug the cable, lets assume the battery is fully 100% then 12 hours later battery still remain 97- 100% ( if i turn it off completely)  and remains 90% with sleepmode.  It is good. 

But if i leave my Quest 2 over 12 hours with out unplugging my type c cable,  the battery drains alot.  From 100 to 22%,  sometime it completely dead when i get back to home.  ( my PC is off all the time,  of course)  

Is it normal  or not ?  Is anyone facing this issue ? 

Thank you everyone and so sorry for my bad english.