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My mic is very quiet when im recording on my oculus quest 2

Level 2

This happened about a week ago. Whenever i record on my oculus quest 2 the audio always comes out quiet on my end. In game people can hear me just fine but when i stop recording to watch the video, you can barely hear me. Before it worked just fine. Ive tried searching up solutions on what to do but i cant find anything related. Ive triend speaking louder but you still cant really hear me. This is very annoying because i can record youtube videos. If anyone knows how this happened or how i can fix it please help.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Well hey there! Sounds like you're having an odd occurrence with your mic.


We can offer some things to try and remedy these so have a look at these suggestions:


- Reboot your headset.

- Check to see if this behavior is the same across all apps or games. 

- If needed you can reset your microphone by going to, Settings > System > Sound > Toggle Microphone


We hope this helps fix your mic issue, you can also make sure wherever playback is happening to have the volume turned up! We will be here if you need further help 👍🏻‍.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey again, @ArmlessFrog! Just checking in to see if those steps helped out. If not, feel free to reach right back out for some other possibilities!