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My oculus mic is broken i think help!

Level 2

Heyo, so about 3 days ago i bought the oculus quest 2 to play games on, but my mic does not work at all! i checked settings and seen that my mic isnt muted and even checked the in game settings and nothing works. all games wont read my mic. can someone please help me solve this issue.. I even factory reset the oculus and my mic still wont work


Level 6

This is a very old bug that exists since Oculus Link beta in Nov 2019. 

To temporary fix this, you can let any software use "Oculus Virtual Audio Device" microphone before connecting Oculus Link. For me I always let Nvidia broadcast listen to "Oculus Virtual Audio Device". You can also just use any sound output device listen to "Oculus Virtual Audio Device" microphone before connecting oculus link.