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My oculus quest 2 wont connect to the internet only after a few hours of use

Level 2
I just got my oculus on Christmas, after a few hours of using it, it suddenly couldn.t connect to the internet, it kept claiming "Connected No internet". I tried a factory reset many times, and have reset the router, etc but none of these worked. I need a solution to this problem ASAP for i have not been able to play it for 2 days, and im really upset and sad. OCULUS PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM, ITS ANNOYING.

Level 15
If either of you are actually having wifi problems, check with the troubleshooter on the Oculus website.  If you cannot fix this, contact Oculus Support.  Complaining about it here on a user forum is not very useful imho.
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Level 2
I would love to contact Oculus Support if someone could tell me how.  Cant find a phone number anywhere

Level 5
Submit a support ticket.

Level 7
They have live chat support. After clicking the submit ticket link or whatever just wait a while till you see green chat icon bottom right and click it.