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NVIDEA Quadro RTX 4000 compatible with Quest 2 Oculus Link?

Level 2
Hi there, the Quadro cards aren't listed in the compatible GPUs for Oculus 2 to be able to use with Oculus Link to a PC.  Has anyone tried this with this card to know if they still work (even though they aren't officially on the list)?

Level 2
in short it works! I have the quarto rtx 4000 and even though I get a message stating "your computer doesn't meet the updated required minimum specifications, which can lead to poor experience in vr" it works just fine. I was able to utilize the 90hz frame rate as well without noticeable frame drop. I played HL: ALXY  on low fidelity and its very smooth 

Level 2
I just ordered this card is it still working for you Selim-b?  you are the only mention of the rtx4000 on the whole web lol.