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NVIDIA GTX 1650 Link Support

Level 3



I know this has likely been asked before, but could support Link / Air Link for the NVIDIA GTX 1650 be reviewed?


During some testing on multiple devices, i've found my old late 2013 iMac with a GTX 775M (2GB) works, albeit with a warning about performance (and the performance is bad / unusable, at least it was via my USBC>USB3 cable which is all i could use as Airlink wouldn't work), however, my Surface Book 3 with a GTX 1650 (4gb) brings up a message saying it isn't compatible and can't run anything, essentially blocked.


How come the 775 is allowed to try but the 1650 isn't?


For anyone in the same position, i can confirm i've successfully used Virtual Desktop with Stream VR installed. I can also confirm I'm playing Half-Life Alyx via this setup. Via Virtual Desktop settings I have FPS set to 90. 

There is occasional stutter, but otherwise it looks and performs amazingly. From what I can see if i manage to catch my laptop screen with the headset on, the stutter is only happening in the Oculus which suggests it my Wi-Fi as I suspect its struggling.


Level 2

so does the quest 2 work on  gtx 1650 via oculus link cable?