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NVIDIA GTX 1650 Link Support

Level 3



I know this has likely been asked before, but could support Link / Air Link for the NVIDIA GTX 1650 be reviewed?


During some testing on multiple devices, i've found my old late 2013 iMac with a GTX 775M (2GB) works, albeit with a warning about performance (and the performance is bad / unusable, at least it was via my USBC>USB3 cable which is all i could use as Airlink wouldn't work), however, my Surface Book 3 with a GTX 1650 (4gb) brings up a message saying it isn't compatible and can't run anything, essentially blocked.


How come the 775 is allowed to try but the 1650 isn't?


For anyone in the same position, i can confirm i've successfully used Virtual Desktop with Stream VR installed. I can also confirm I'm playing Half-Life Alyx via this setup. Via Virtual Desktop settings I have FPS set to 90. 

There is occasional stutter, but otherwise it looks and performs amazingly. From what I can see if i manage to catch my laptop screen with the headset on, the stutter is only happening in the Oculus which suggests it my Wi-Fi as I suspect its struggling.


Level 2

so does the quest 2 work on  gtx 1650 via oculus link cable?

lose the cable. upgrade ur ram n storage and ur in business with virtual desktop.

Level 2

I am using virtual desktop on my htx 1650 laptop and it runs fine. Trying to connect via link and it shows black screen and then shut down with error. Same with Airlink now on v30

Even more: i was able to sucessfully conect airlink when it was beta with "airlink connector apk" iand it ran perfectly! I mean better then virtual desktop! And then, they released v30 with "official" airlink support for quest 1 and now im getting black screen and error again as like with "airlink connector apk" so with official airlink connection.

Also i have ryzen 5 with integrated graphics AND IT RUNS LINK! But it runs it very low 😞 I cant understand why they allow to run on Ryzen 5 but not on GTX 1650. Its like a joke on us 😞