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Need 550 headsets

Level 2
Can anyone help me do a bulk order of 550 Oculus Quest 2s? I need them for a company event next month. TIA

Level 11
That might be difficult.  I think there on back order.

Level 7
Most people can’t even find ONE right now, so I don’t think this is even potentially possible, nor would they have any incentive to give you any sort of deal, given that the demand dramatically outweighs the supply. 

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
It would probably be best to ask Oculus. This is a community forum.
If you are buying them for a company event, that sounds like a commercial use so you should go through the Business program. They can probably handle bulk orders better, since consumers trying to buy more than a couple of Quests is liable to be considered a scalper and the order would be refused.

Oh god, imagine how long it would take to set up 550 Quest 2's! Watching the unskippable safety videos, logging them all into facebook, etc.
That's the other benefit of the Business license, you can control what people can do on them and don't need facebook.

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