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Need some help with Wifi6 Connectivity (Quest 2)

Level 2
I just got my quest 2 last week and when I wanted to try airlink I realized that my PC's ethernet cable is not connected to my router but rather connected directly to the internet source so I can't use airlink or anything of the like.
To fix this I bought a Wifi6 card (TP-link Archer TX50E), put that in my pc and set up a mobile hotspot for my quest to connect to. But THAT didn't work either as my quest would say 'Connected, No Internet' even though my phone detects it just fine.
So I did a bit of digging and found out that I had to change it from an AX channel (Wifi6) to an AC channel (Wifi5) and that allowed my quest to connect but airlink ran like dog poop as in it would run fine for a bit but it often lags and stutters for a solid 5-10 seconds and sometimes it just disconnects altogether.
I would test this on VD but I currently am very much broke after buying the quest, wifi card and some accessories.
My question is why can't my quest connect to Wifi6? Is it because my ISP doesn't support it or is it a hardware compatibility issue or..?

Level 2

can I bump?

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I think the only reliable way is to use a separate wifi6 (or 5GHz) access point. If you plug both it and your PC into your internet router with ethernet cables (make sure your PC, internet router and wifi access point all have gigabit netwok ports on them), disable the 2.4GHz SSID on the wifi or put the 2.4Ghz and 5GHz (or greater) channels on separate SSIDs, it should just work. Ensure you disable DHCP on the wifi device if you buy a router rather than an access point.

I know all that sounds complicated but there isn't really an easy way around it. You'll need a little knowledge to introduce a new wifi access point to your network.