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New PC has Windows 11, Oculus won't install

Level 2

Bought a new PC, and it came with Windows 11. Now, when I go to install the Oculus software, it downloads and installs and at the very end gives no error other than it says the installation failed, and to reboot. So, aside from wiping and installing Windows 10, what can I do to get past this? I tried compatibility mode, and same result. 


I see others running the Oculus software on Windows 11, was it already installed before you did the upgrade to 11? Do we have a timeline or any info from Oculus on this? I'll just have to return my Quest 2 if this doesn't work.


Level 4

Update to version 22483.1000 to re-install the Oculus App - the update does not fix the Link and Steam VR issues though.