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New User - Arizona Sunshine Multiplayer

Level 2

Good Evening, 


My husband and I are new to the Oculus Quest 2. Started our experience with Arizona Sunshine for the ability to play multiplayer. We are running on the same network. My husband set himself up as the admin on both Quests and I am a secondary user. We did this obviously so we didn't have to buy the game twice. That has worked perfectly so far. My husband creates a multiplayer game, gives me the code, I join, and we are off and running. My question is this: On occasion, my headset will run the out of battery, which kicks me from the game. Is there a way for me to rejoin after recharging? At this point, we have to keep restarting, which means we have yet to finish even one scenario. Also, what is the best way to apuse in the middle of a game? We like to play for an hour or so. At this point, we just take our headsets off and plug them in with the game running because we are afraid to lose our progress. I really appreciate any knowledge anyone would be willing to share.