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Newbie please help can't get Oculus quest 2 to link up with my pc

Level 2
Hey all;

New and not overly tech savvy.  Bought new ABS Ryzen 7 3070 with Geforce 3070 graphics card and the Oculus quest 2.  i have downloaded the oculus drivers and have updated the Geforce drivers.  Computer asks me to plug in headset and all I get is the circle of death on the set up screen.  I have tried the cord (with a usb-c to usb 3 adaptor) and a new usb -s cord (Anker cable as recommended0, yet still just get circle of death wheel on the "connect your headset" screen. I am trying to set up to run Iracing

Level 2
In the same situation.  Other oculus users unable to help, no phone number to call and the suggestions they list don't work.
I'm giving it two days then returning it.