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No audio when using Oculus Link

Level 4
I have no audio on my Quest headset when using Oculus Link.  These are all the things I have tried to resolve the issue:
  • Reboot PC and/or Quest and plugged things back in in many different orders.
  • Restarted the Oculus service.
  • Tried different USB ports.
  • Tried different USB cables.
  • Tried both an active and a passive extender.
  • Tried throwing a USB 3 hub into the mix just because, both as the first part of the chain and as the second part.
  • Tried with headphones plugged into the Quest and with them removed.
  • Tried toggling all the options related to sound that I could find within the software (Devices > Quest and Touch, all those sound options).
  • Repaired / reinstalled Oculus software.
  • Uninstalled Virtual Desktop Streamer app and its audio driver.
  • Changed my desktop speakers from 5.1 to stereo.
  • Attempted setting every single audio output device as default in Windows.
  • Plugged in my CV1, went through the setup, and then tried piping audio through the Oculus Rift Headphones audio output adapter.
  • Reinstalled oculus-driver.exe.
  • Opened a ticket with Oculus Support (they told me they won't support beta software, lol)
Is there anybody with the same issue who found a solution?  Or at this point is my only bet to wait a year until it stops being beta and Oculus Support actually tries to help?
EDIT: I finally got it working after uninstalling the NVIDIA HD Audio driver.
  1. On your keyboard, press Win+X > Select "Device Manager"
  2. Open up the "Sound, video and game controllers" node.
  3. Right click the NVIDIA High Definition Audio driver and choose "Uninstall device".

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Level 7
Does the Quest appear as an audio output device in Windows?

Level 4
It does not.  I'm not sure if it is supposed to.  I've heard at least one person say they don't have it.

Level 9
Cas from Cas and Chary had the same issue when just using a usb-c cable, but after connecting a 5m Cable Creations active usb 3.0 cable on top of that, she had audio. Not sure why.

Level 4
I used that exact same extender cable that she uses in the video with a 3 foot Anker cable and got no audio.  I also tried using the 3 foot cable by itself and also got no audio.

Level 9
You have audio with the CV1 though, correct?

Level 4
i have audio with the anker usbc cable, only microphone seems to be not supportet at the moment. But i had to activate it by enabling the Audio switch in the oculus pc software under quest device settings.

Level 4
Yes, I have audio with the CV1 with no problem.

Level 9
Sounds like a settings issue then. Maybe the same as what vargablood had to do, enabling the Audio switch under the Quest settings in Oculus Home(?).

Level 3
Try selecting a different audio output (click on speaker icon in taskbar).
for some strange reason selecting my 2d monitor as audio output sent it to the quest.