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No audio while streaming to facebook.

Level 3
Ive been having an issue recently with streaming my gameplay to Facebook.  This use to work fine until about a month or two ago, but now the streams contain no audio of any kind (game audio or any mic audio from other players) and so the stream is pretty useless.  I know that the "stream mic" setting affects the game audio, but I have it turned off.  I have tried it with it on and its the same result.  As I mentioned, I didnt have any issues until recently so im wondering if something else is the problem.  Does anyone know of something else that could affect the stream audio?

Thank you,

Level 2
I am having the same issue. Did you find a solution?

Level 4
Have you done any music heavy games recently? The only thing I can think of is that potentially FB are muting audio due to copyright infringement (or percieved CI)

Level 3
I was told to factory reset my headset so that's what I did.  It resolved the issue with the sound casting.  I only cast onward so no sound copyright issues.