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No sound and extreme slowdown

Level 2

from the beginning. My oculus 2 would connect to the internet with limited connection. Then when I turned the WiFi off it went into airplane mode. Once in airplane mode I couldn’t connect to the internet and nothing I did would help. I had to factory reset. So I’ve spent the last couple days Re downloading my games. I played my oculus for about an hour yesterday. Today when I turned it on there is no sound and every game is in an extreme slow motion lag, whether it’s connected to the internet or not. I feel like I’m having issues that are original to me. Btw I don’t have a PC and have never connected my oculus to a PC. I mention this because most sound issues I’ve seen are caused by a pc connection.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, DarkDoubleJ! We understand how lag greatly affects performance in games and we want you to have the top scores! Please submit a ticket to our support team so that we can look into this with you a bit more. Find them with this link: