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OQ2 controller tracking too sensitive. EX: Vader Immortal - the lightsaber jitters if my hand shakes

Level 3

I bought this OQ2 yesterday. It's my first experience with VR ever, so I had no frame of reference for how well it would perform. I find it to be good at accurately tracking my head and the only times it loses track of me is when I'm using Air Link via my PC and everything gets... bogged down for a few seconds, but that is rare so far. (MSFS 2020 works really well, haven't tested with SW:S because it won't launch anymore.)


There is one gripe I have already and it's about the controller tracking - there is no evident dead zone, so even blood circulating through my fingers causes them to jitter. This is particularly noticeable when wielding a lightsaber because any movement is amplified by the long blade. This could be easily fixed by including a user-adjustable controller tracking deadzone so unintentional/involuntary shakes are not processed as inputs.


I understand Beat Saber does not have this problem, so it seems clear that it's fixable, though a global deadzone adjustment would be ideal so we don't have to rely on the makers of each game for such an adjustment.


Thank you,