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Oculus 2 Link only UBS 2.0

Level 3

I have a problem that my Oculus Quest 2 is not recognized as USB 3.0, which would be relatively advantageous for Link.

My Oculus Quest 1 is recognized as USB 3.0.

I tested all USB ports on my PC and also used different USB 3.0 cables.

Quest 2 is listed as USB 2.10 and Quest 1 as 3.1 in the USBDeview program

The setting for selective USB energy saving has already been deactivated.


Hardware: i7 8700K @ 5.2 Ghz, Asrock Z370 Pro 4 (latest BIOS), RTX 3080


Anyone have the same problem or a solution for it? I would be very happy about all helpful ones.