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Oculus Guarding-using Quest 2 with dementia patient

Level 2

I purchased the Oculus Quest 2 to help my mother who has dementia, so she can travel virtually. My mother has limited capability and has difficulty using hand controls to set a boundary.  When I put on quest and setup the app for her, then transfer the device to my mother—-it wants to reset guardian, which she is not capable of doing.  Is there a way to turn off the guardian or make it less sensitive when I transfer the device between us?


Thank you


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hello Annkosik, thank you for reaching out about the Guardian functionality. We think it's awesome you're helping your mother experience the wonders of VR, and there definitely are so many experiences in that realm. With the Guardian, once you set a guardian you'll need to make sure the headset remains within the play space, otherwise you'll be prompted to reset the guardian as the headset can no longer locate the guardian boundary. You can disable it using developer mode, although this is not recommended as the boundary is meant as a safety feature. Once you've set the boundary, try covering the screen sensor with your finger then putting in your mother, as the display will turn off if there is not something covering that sensor, i.e your head. 

We hope this helps you with your guardian troubles! If it doesn't, please follow up and we'll see what other solutions are available. Cheers!