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Oculus Link App Keeps Stopping

Level 2
Someone, please help! I've been trying for days trying to figure out and solve the reason as to why the Oculus Link app keeps stopping on the oculus quest, I have a USB 3.0 wire and port and I meet the requirements, I don't know why it keeps stopping, all It does is it goes into a black screen, then I hear a little bit of the start up a song in the Oculus Link Home and then it crashes and says the Oculus Link App stopped working, or Oculus Link App Keeps stopping! Someone, please help me! I've been dying to play some pc vr games for ages! Thanks a bunch!

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager
Hey, so sorry to hear that this problem is occurring, and we thank you for the effort you've put into troubleshooting so far. We'd like to help you out with this, so can you please click here to submit a ticket? Be sure to include your Oculus Diagnostics Logs as well. Thanks!

Level 3
I have the exact same problem  :'(

Level 2
I have the same problem, I thought that my cable is broken but it seems that more persons have the problem.

Level 3
Are you all running on AMD tech ? 

Level 2
keeps crashing for me too !
USB 3 cable works fine in test (1.7gb bandwidth), Quest + PC App are up to date, I rebooted both multiple times, reinstalled Oculus PC app...

I have i7 9700K, and Vega 64 nitro +, if it helps

Level 2
Gagahenri I'm on a Sapphire RX580 Nitro+, but why would that be a problem? In the PC software it see's my device but in the headset it keeps saying Link app stopped working and your given 2 choices: 1 App info or 2 Close app. If you choose App info it just stays on 3 dots for 5 minutes then black screen.
Any ideas??

Level 2
I am also having this problem, am on a Vega 64 with a Ryzen 3600. it has been working fine for ages until last week.
I have repaired the pc software and factory reset the quest but it's still happening.

Level 2
dont know if thats helping, but when i'm trying to launch a game (Phasmophobia for example) I can actually hear the game sound for a sec in the Quest, but no image. Maybe its the last Radeon update ? Did you guys dl it ?

Level 8
Apparently this is AMD driver related.
If you roll back the latest drivers it works again. Although i do not consider this a fix.
All depends who fixes it first.. AMD or Oculus  ?
Although im guessing it will be down to Oculus to sort.
I am also getting the issue but so far i can get away with using Virtual Desktop wirelessly until i hit a game that wont work.