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Oculus Link Audio Crackling and crashing

Level 2

I have recently received a refurbished quest 1 from the oculus as my other one got the back screen. I am trying to use the oculus link but am having issues, in any steam VR games the audio crackles, it does not occur in Oculus store games. Oculus link also tends to randomly crash back to quest home screen, a few seconds later oculus link is able to be enabled again. I was using the charging cable with an active extension cable, and have used this setup previously with my other headset (which was sent back) with no issues. I have also tried using a USB 3 cable but doesn't make a difference. The audio does not crackle on the headset itself only on steam vr with link. I have tried turning the volume down on windows (as suggested by others), reinstalling steam vr and oculus and reinstalling Oculus drivers, but the issue still occurs. Does anybody have any suggestions?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, thanks for taking the time to troubleshoot this matter so extensively. We'd like to help you out further, can you please click here to submit a ticket and include your Oculus Diagnostics Logs? Thanks.

Level 3

Have you managed to solve your audio crackling issue? I'm in the same boat.