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Oculus Link Cable Usage Update

Level 4
For anyone thats looking to purchase this cable, here is some info after a few days of usage:
  • You can extend the Link cable an additional 2 meters, but 3 will only pass charge to the headset, Link software will not work.
  • Using either a 1 meter or 2 meter extension with the Link cable will still cause the battery to slowly drain, appears to be the same rate when using an active USB 3 cable (need to confirm).
  • Using the cable on its own results in a tangled mess in a few minutes,
  • Using with a 1 meter extension results in a tangle mess in about 30 minutes
  • Using a 2 meter extension seems to be okay if you can stop every now and then to untangle a loop or two (This will depend on how soft and twistable the extension cable is)
  • After using the cable for a few hours over the past few days, I managed to damage it all the way along, there is noticeable kinks and lumps under the outer sheathing, most of this was caused when I tried to use it on its on.
  • The cable is perfectly fine for 180 degree game play, but it only takes a couple of 360 degree revolutions before the cable starts to bunch up.
  • I have tested the cable on its own using a bungie system, after a few 360 degree rotations, the the cable started to twist up the bungie system, tried longer and short lengths after the last bungie, but always results in a bad experience.
  • From all tests, the Link cable does not like to twist at all, and this is the one thing a VR HMD cable needs, is twistability.
  • A slightly thicker USB 3 Active cable also wont twist, but they tend to coil neatly as you rotate, making it quite easy to spin the other way to untangle/coil it, also the active cable does not result in any damage no matter how bad it coils up.
From all my tests in games like Boneworks, Pavlov and Stormworld the official Link cable even with a 2 meter extension is far more annoying than a cheaper active usb cable and 2 meter extension.

I will be testing the bungie system soon using the active usb cable and 2 meter extension and I will try and get a more accurate battery discharge rate for both setups

If your hopes are to keep your headset charged while you play, then you're going to have to limit your movement to less than 360 degree play, or you will result in a damaged cable and twisted mess thats impossible to fix unless remove your headset, which is hard to do in most VR games that dont have any save points or pause menus.

You can however untangle the mess quickly with a bungie system as the tangle section is less than a meter, you can just pull your Quest off and let it drop towards the ground and it will spin and tangle itself quickly.

Level 5
hi,thanks for the update on the cable,sounds like to me its not worth the money they are asking for this cable and hopefully some other companys will start making their own cables and a bit more sturdier ! i was going to order this when it becomes available in the uk but i think i will hold off for a bit to see if other cables will be made  

Level 10
Yeah thanks for the in depth review... You’ve actually put me off it too tbh! 

Level 5
yeah your right i think its put me off aswell ! for £80 uk pounds and postage costs i would expect a cable that doesnt twist or or get bumps in it etc,im pretty sure 3rd party companys will start making these cables & at a lower cost 

Level 8
Yeah, definitely not purchasing this cable. Thank you for the update. 
Inateck USB 3.0

Valve Index Frunk Fan 3D Mod!

Level 4
Hay, dont get me wrong, its use case is not for everyone, but if 5m is enough, you have USB-C and if you keep your rotation managed to only one or two turns, this cable will be okay, but if you have USB-A only, or need something longer then go with another solution.
USB-C vs USB-A will make no difference to visual quality and performance, but USB-A has been tested to work fine with a 10m active cable and a 3m USB-A to USB-C cable.

The only way your headset will stay fully charged, is if you use the Oculus Link cable and no adaptors and no extensions, for some they really want this, for me, I dont mind slow drain on the battery.