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Oculus Link Multiplayer Party Echo issues

Level 2
Hey guys! Could someone maybe help me with an issue my friend and I are having on the Oculus Link?

Basically when I play a game on link with a friend, whenever we make a party we will hear our voices echo back to us non stop. This does not happen in the base Quest party system, only in link and only when we have the Link APP open on our pc

We are developers so we aren't new to tech troubles. We've tried troubleshooting, swapping microphone outputs and audio outputs from the app, our pc and everything else basically we could think of.

Basically one of us (the one who starts the call) will hear fine and speak fine, while the other one will be left hearing everyone's voice in a continuous echo. Very weird!

Level 5
I am Having the exact same issue with a friend.  

Level 2
Has anyone found a solution for this??

Level 2
same thing here. anyone found a fix yet?