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Oculus Link Not Working

Level 2

I purchased my Quest 2 a few days ago. Since then, I have purchased the Link Cable from Oculus. I cannot get it to stay connected for the life of me. I have followed the support tree, selected "deny" when prompted to enable data transfer because that's what the support page says to do. I have even tried selecting "allow" just to see what would happen and nothing works. I have not been prompted to enable link, and I cannot find where in the settings that is at on either my PC or on the Quest. A few times I have gotten it to connect, but after I select "deny, or allow" it immiediatyly disconnects and forces me to restart the device to try again. I am loosing my mind over here and feel like I wasted my money on this device. Please send help. 


P.S. my PC meets all requirements, and I do have the cable connected via USB 3.0