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Oculus Link Stutters constantly

Level 3

So recently i've noticed oculus link refuses to run smoothly. It starts out smooth, any game i boot runs at a clean 90fps for the first minute or so. Then it begins to stutter and it feels like it's running at half the framerate. Hitting the home button fixes the issue for another minute. I have absolutely no clue what is going on, but it makes Link pretty much unplayable. This happens on both air link and cable link, so it's almost definitely a software issue. I updated my graphics drivers and tried the PTC. Does anybody know what might be happening?


Level 2

Do you happen to have installed Windows 11? There seems to be another post going around this.. 


and someone in the reply gave a workaround that works for me. 

Re: Oculus Quest 2 Windows 11 Performance. can nev... - Page 2 - Oculus Community - 877003 (oculusvr...