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Oculus Link cable with oculus quest 2 speeds....

Level 3

Hi all


I have a Quest 2, with the official Link cable.  When i plug it into my motherboard its an Asus Z490E Gaming, I run the speed test and I'm only seeing speeds of sub 1Gbps.  Why is this the case? I see other people getting speeds into the 3Gbps.


My CPU is an i7 10700k, 3070RTX, 32GB DDR4 Ram.


What can I do to improve the speed?




We will find a solution as a community, just hang in there.
As I said I will keep you guys posted as soon as I got a message back from support.

Keep in mind that this won't still be the final solution but I'll test it and give feedback towards them and towards you guys.

You may not believe this but I'm really actually here to help out my fellow VR gamers and ofc a solution for myself, but I like to share and help everyone out.

I'm a friendly bear 🐻

P.S.: I hope no aggressive posts in this thread and if you guys want to help out then do whatever you want to get them out of here.
This is a positive thread looking for answers and solutions.
This is a thread for people who are mature enough and really want to contribute towards a solution.

Level 3

My bandwidth is down from 2.1 Gbps to 1 Gbps. PC version Headset version

Level 3

Opted in to the Beta channel and Oculus downloaded PC version 27. Now getting 1.4 Gbps. 

Level 5

Still testing with official support in all directions.
Its frustrating for me as well but I will stick to my promise once I've had a really decent secure solution I'll get back to you guys.
Hope at least some of you can appreciate that.

P.S.: I don't want to touch Beta but may not bad that some of you do.
That way we can exchange info on real or fake promises 😉

Level 5

XpertXP, can you tell me if your connection is USB 3.0 or 3.2?

You should be able to find that in the manual of your motherboard since you don't have such a port on your GPU.

Can you also tell me if your Link cable has problems?
Disconnecting very often while playing games which make use of the Link cable?

Also which Windows version are you running?

Thank you for doing all the work on this.

im on USB 3.2

My pleasure and good to know you're on 3.2 😀
Now just let me know how your stabilitaty is with the Link cable.
Does it disconnect a lot while playing a game or not?

Talking ofc about official games from Oculus which need to be installed on your pc so you have to use the Link cable.

For example Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond.

Tested with Asgard WRATH and super hot.

cable is brand new, no disconnect issues 

Happy for you (how long did you tested these games) cause those disconnect issues seem to be the problem for a lot of other people including me.?

Don't want to take over your thread though.
If needed I'll start a new one where our other fellow gamers can go to and wait for an aswer once I get more feedback and testing with the team.

Btw, what your speed concerns it seems to be normal for the moment.
A lot of people are hovering around the same speed as you do for the moment due to recent patches.
Seems a lot of problems still need to be solved.
As I've always said I still believe its their software either on PC or the goggles which keeps giving problems.

I don't blame the support guys, they are are always friendly to me and they have to deal with this as well cause they are not the programmers.