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Oculus Link error: "Oculus isn't working correctly. Click here to check our support article."

Level 2

Since yesterday, I've been able to use Oculus Link just fine. No problems whatsoever beforehand. I tried to start-up Link today and realized that I was getting this error.


I've contacted support and spoke to them for over 3 and 1/2 hours. Tried every single troubleshooting option they threw at me. Nothing worked. Factory reset my headset, still didn't work. I suspect it might be with the version since I noticed an update last night as well. Not using beta PTC but I did try that and it still didn't work so there is a possibility it isn't the version. The last thing I have come up with would be a factory reset on my computer but that is the very very last thing I want to try because I've got terabytes worth of data that I would need to reinstall. If anyone else has had this problem before then please respond with your solution because I'm pretty much backed into a corner here with only one option left. Thanks in advance