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Oculus Link not working and awful service.

Level 2



I am so sick of this.

I've had my Quest 2 for seven months, and I think I've only been able to use it linked to my PC for a few hours in total. When it worked at the beginning it would be OK for maybe an hour, so something was right. I haven't changed anything with the PC, and all drivers/software are up-to-date.
Now it won't link at all. Select Link in the headset menu, black screen, back to the menu, select it again and it dumps me out saying 'Oculus keeps stopping', and the only option is to exit the Oculus app. The headset shows as connected in the PC app, but won't complete the USB test.

Countless times I've factory re-set the headset (and that's now been replaced by the seller due to lack of action from Oculus, but made no difference), removed the device and drivers from Device Manager and reinstalled, altered the USB power settings, joined public test channel or not, submitted logs, updated graphics drivers, tried every USB 3 socket, used two different leads, submitted the build spec of my nearly new gaming PC etc. etc. etc.

I've submitted maybe six support tickets (regurgitating all of the above info) but each time I (eventually) get a suggestion and I submit a reply it generally gets ignored, so I submit another ticket after a few weeks. One respondent then told me to stop submitting tickets! Do something then!! Even just tell me I'm wasting my time trying to make it work.

Is there anyone at Oculus who knows anything about their product, or do they really not care once you've parted with £550 (headset, Anker lead, Oculus optical lead, USB A to C adapter)?

I just want to be able to use it for its intended purpose.

I'm not a computer engineer, but that's what I've had to become over the last seven months.

The lack of a solution or even a hint as to why nothing is working is quite disgraceful customer service from such a massive tech company - why should I have to keep asking endlessly for help, and then seemingly be ignored for weeks? I think I submitted my last response nearly two weeks ago and I've no idea if I ever will get a reply. 
Can Oculus even relate to the frustration and dissatisfaction of being forced to hang onto the hope of an email at some point which might allow me to use this piece of junk? 
So disappointed, and I would discourage anyone from purchasing a Quest 2 unless they enjoy being stressed!