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Oculus Link wattage usage

Level 2

Hello community

Im trying to use my quest 2 as a monitor to play some PC games non VR, have tried both oculus link and virtual desktop, when i was monitoring the performance i noticed that link used a lot more power than virtual desktop.

Im trying to save some energy to reduce electricity bills, using the oculus instead of the monitor consumes a bit less energy than my monitor and i like that big vr screen from time to time.

I made a test with a low requirement 2d steam game and noticed that link uses around 50 watts more than virtual desktop, here is a picture for reference (CPU W /// GPU W, Left Oculus Link, Right Virtual Desktop). My GPU is a RTX 2060.



So in this scenario VD is better, BUT i want to play wired to my PC, i dont have good wifi and the battery last very long while playing wired.

My theory is that Oculus Link uses more watts because of that white 3d background which is being rendered by the PC. 

Anyone knows if that background can be disabled or a way to optimize oculus link?