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Oculus Link

Level 2

I have an oculus quest 2, I use the link option to play on the oculus software on my PC. It runs smooth, but the visuals seem grainy or just off. When I use air link, it looks the same. When I use virtual desktop, it looks perfect and a lot better. I'm not sure what the problem is. The resolution on virtual desktop and oculus link are the exact same so its not resolution based. I've also tampered with all the oculus diagnostic tools and nothing fixed it. I keep both at 90 hz as well. I dont have an ethernet connection so using virtual desktop is rather latency inducing. I would love to use the oculus link but the graphics are grainy and weird. If anyone has a solution for this problem, it would be much appreciated. 


Level 4

Go get the oculus debug tool in the support folder and change the following:


Distortion curvature LOW

Encode resolution width  3900

Encore dynamic bitrate OFF

Encode bitrate 450

Link sharpening enabled



This should give very crisp quality...if you switch to air link leave everything the same but lower the bitrate encode to like 160 or basically the best your router will tolerate for me its 160 and for link i can go up to 465.



Encode Resolution Width is automatic based on your resolution scale factor since v23, 3664 is 1:1 anyways and going above that provides little benefit in clarity and just produces more performance with zero gain

it depends, if you play at higher resolution, and also you assumption that 3664 is 1:1 and going above provides little...every little bit counts and if you play like me at resolutions above 4000 all the time then going as high as 3900 to my eyes at least has provided slight benefit at no cost.