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Oculus MRC tool - Audio mixer OBS

Level 2
Hi guys,

I follow the official guide about the Oculus Quest Mixed Reality Capture and it's working for me. (+Some YT video!)

Green screen / background: OK
Latence: OK
Audio: Not KO but no OK too

When I record, there is no problem at all with the calibration but I'm in trouble with the OBS audio mixer setting for the Quest 2.

By default, there are no audio when I record.
So I turn ON "Oculus MRC" and there are audio in my records.
But the sound is really bad... 

If I turn OFF the "Desktop Audio" + ON "Oculus MRC" there is not sound at all.
If I turn ON the "Desktop Audio" + ON "Oculus MRC" + put -15 -20 DB on "Oculus MRC"... it's better but not enough...

PS: For all my setting, I turn OFF the microphone source "Mic/Aux".

Some one record video with Oculus MRC + OBS ?
And have the same issue ? Or fix it ?
Any idea of the audio mixer setting ?

Thanks for your help
PS2: Sorry for my English, I eat bread and cheese... French ? Yes I am !

Level 2
To update this topic, I fix the issue:

My issue was a hardware issue...

The audio was on my "loud speakers" and with an USB headset / headphone it's working very well !

Microphone was disable in all cases but don't know why with the loud speaker ... the quality drop.