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Oculus Pin

Level 2

Hello, I'm having trouble with your system and I have a few complaints. 

Firstly, not having a reset password option for the oculus account if you are already logged into a facebook it rather troublesome, and no matter how many times I enter my facebook password (which is what I logged into to access the oculus app.) It tells me wrong password.

Second, Pin. I don't even remember having a pin and I have about 4 different pin combinations I usually use and none of those worked.

Third, you require either the old password or old pin to reset the pin and if you've read the above you already know where this point is going.

Lastly, why does it require my pin to purchase a game. I'm on MY account, using MY paypal, linked to MY email. How is that not enough to approve MY purchase. In all honesty you have the Alcatraz of store purchases and I would highly recommend a change.

My apologies if this comes off with a rude tone, but seeing as all I wanted to do was by beat saber to bring over to the family for a bit of fun. You can imagine my frustration when all I am met with is redundant security walls and impossible hurdles of changing said walls.