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Oculus Quest 2 Blak screen of confusion

Level 2

I’m seeing more and more posts about this and yet no solution. Has anyone got a solution? Since I’m clearly not the only one experiencing the blak screen in today.


Level 3

Factory resetting seems to be the only solution, but it seems the quest 2s that didn’t get the black screen there are other problems. I’m going to hold off from resetting in case the devs release an update or fix.

Level 3

Agreed.  I tried every tip out there, nothing worked.  Factory reset, downloaded all software again and it is working with the exception of the Link cable.  My PC no longer sees the Q2.

Level 2

Hi we have also got this since we updated this morning! Very frustrating 

Hi, we also have a black screen since the update, when you factory reset did you loose all yours games? Thanks