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Oculus Quest 2 Controllers getting stuck in air but still registering rotation.

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I purchased a Quest 2 back in 2019 and have been loving it. However as of late I recently signed up for Supernatural fitness and have noticed my controllers seem to be getting stuck in the air as I swing the batons or box. They will register rotation (kind of?) but will not come back to my hands and remain stuck in the air and make all games practically unplayable. I've noticed in Robo Recall when I reach over shoulders or something the controllers will just stop responding the grip buttons and I cannot throw or drop weapons making the game unplayable for me. I have cleaned all sensors on the Oculus, made sure the device is up to the latest version (to my knowledge), the lighting in my room is bright and clear, and have even tried multiple guardian fields, one in my brightly lit garage, and one in my home with all lights on. The batteries are fresh and posts are clean. I cannot for the life of me figure out what the issue may be. The controllers have not been hit against walls or taken any damage of any kind. The only thing I can possibly think of is a gyrosensor has come lose or something.. Can anyone make any sort of recommendations for troubleshooting?


Community Manager
Community Manager

As a last resort, we would recommend factory resetting. If that doesn't work, please submit a ticket to our support team so we can have a deeper look into what's happening: